“Protect Our Communities from Polluted Sites” – Peredur Urges Government


A Plaid Cymru MS has called for a map of toxic sites in Wales to be produced.

Peredur Owen Griffiths said people had “a right to know” the location of such sites in their community.

The South Wales East MS made the call during First Minister’s Question in the Senedd after receiving representations about toxic sites such as Ty Llwyd in Ynysddu and the former Thomas Ness tar plant near Caerffili train station. 

He also called for a task force to be established with a view to pursuing polluters and bringing together various agencies to ensure the affected sites are reclaimed and made safe.

He said: “As with the map of category C and D coal tips in Wales, people also have the right to know the location of historic toxic sites.

“Unfortunately, there are many toxic sites throughout our country as a result of our industrial heritage and multinational corporations using us as a dumping ground for all sorts of nasty chemicals. These corporations may have long since disappeared from our communities, but the legacy of their work lingers on with polluted watercourses.”

He added: “Has this Government considered publishing a map of toxic sites throughout Wales to better inform the public of the dangers that may exist in their community, and when will we also get a taskforce dedicated to pulling together all the relevant agencies pursuing polluters and dealing with the legacy they have left behind?”

In reply, the First Minister said it may be possible to include information about toxic sites in the work his government is doing on the proposed Disused Mines Bill. 

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