Give More Consideration to the Environment In Planning Policy – Peredur & Delyth


Plaid Cymru’s Peredur Owen Griffiths and Delyth Jewell have called for greater consideration to be given to the environment when considering large housing developments.

The Senedd Members for South Wales East made the comments during a site visit to a large housing development site on a former golf course on Virginia Park in Caerffili.

Some residents have complained that site work has disturbed contaminated materials that had been landscaped over by the makers of the golf course decades ago.

The site is one of a number of housing developments that have been given planning permission in the Caerffili basin recent years, increasing dwelling density and adding to traffic.

Delyth said: “We all need housing and somewhere to live, but it must be balanced against the environmental impacts. We cannot keep just keep building regardless of the environmental cost.

“Often water courses can be contaminated, and leachate is a real issue to local residents. Products used in housing developments can be damaging to the environment and the risk must be managed to avoid impacts on natural habitats.”

Peredur said: “Too much concentrated development can have adverse impacts on fragile eco systems.

“Noise, dirt, vibration, air quality are a nuisance in the building phase but chemicals, contaminated water, waste products and run off can all cause issues into the wider area.”

He added: “Often incidents occur and enforcement can take place, but all too often the damage is impacting into the longer term. Eroding natural habitats, damaging ecology in the area.”

Both Delyth and Peredur said they “would like to see more consideration given to the environment when a housing development is proposed.”

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