On NHS Anniversary, Peredur Calls on Labour Government to Address Disputes with Staff


On the 75th anniversary of the NHS, Plaid Cymru’s Peredur Owen Griffiths has warned that staff must be looked after if the institution is to last another 75 years.

The Senedd Member for South Wales East was speaking during First Minister’s Questions in the Senedd when he called for the Labour Government to address the pay disputes and concerns of staff.

Peredur said: “This week we are celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the NHS. It is arguably the greatest gift that Wales, or, to be more precise, Blaenau Gwent, has given to the UK.

“But if it is to last another 75 years, we must be on our guard; on our guard against those who prefer to see the service in private hands on ideological grounds.

“We must ensure that staff are not demoralised or overworked, and are given fair terms and conditions.

“The NHS is nothing without its staff. With that in mind, Trefnydd, can you give an indication of whether the legitimate concerns and pleas for improved pay and conditions raised by the workers, whether they are nurses or GPs, are going to be addressed to their satisfaction any time soon?”

In response, Trefnydd Leslie Griffiths – standing in for the First Minister – replied there had to be a “reality check about the budget.”

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