This Cannot Happen Again – Peredur


Reacting to the news that The Grange Hospital has once again released the wrong body to a family, Peredur Owen Griffiths - Plaid Cymru MS for South Wales East - said: “When news of the first mix up with a body emerged last December, I hoped it would be an isolated incident.

“We have now found out that it has happened again around the same time as the first incident that came to light. This is a deeply worrying occurrence which will do little to reassure public confidence in the competence of the hospital’s morgue.

“I appreciate that procedures have tightened up since the blunders first came to light but there needs to be reassessment of the processes at the mortuary because clearly there were serious and significant errors in the way things were run. This cannot happen again.

“I will be looking to raise this matter with the Labour Government in charge of health in Wales.” 

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