Peredur and Rhun Visit Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Gwent


Plaid Cymru Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth and regional member Peredur Owen Griffiths spent time with trainee mentors with the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service (GDAS).

The Senedd Members called into the offices of GDAS during a day visiting businesses and projects in Newport.

There they spent time listening to the experiences of men and women who are being trained to provide mentoring for GDAS clients seeking help for their addictions.

Many of the would-be mentors have fought their own addictions before becoming sober.  

Peredur said after the visit: “It was a humbling experience hearing about the path to sobriety that many of these people have taken.

“They have usually hit rock bottom before seeking help and getting their life back on track thanks to the non-judgemental, compassionate and expert approach of GDAS.

“After becoming sober, these kind-hearted men and women are now looking to give something back and help others who are in the same position they once were.”

Peredur added: “Both Rhun and I found the session inspirational and uplifting because the courage and selflessness these men and women have shown was remarkable.

“From my time with them, it is apparent that they will be considerate and diligent mentors who will be best-placed to help others because of their personal understanding of what it takes to overcome addiction.

“I applaud GDAS for training up these remarkable people and continuing their excellent work in the field of tackling addiction.” 


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