Plaid MSs Call for Flood-Plagued Residents in Caerffili to be Given More Support


Plaid Cymru’s Peredur Owen Griffiths and Delyth Jewell have teamed up with a local resident on a street plagued by flooding to demand tougher enforcement action.

The South Wales East MSs visited Brookside Close in Caerffili where the local stream – Nant y Aber – has breached its bank a number of times in recent years, causing misery for local residents. 

They were joined by Neil Cross who has attempted to get action on flooding but has struggled to get various public authorities to take responsibility.

Peredur said: “The river behind us used to be called The Black Brook due to water used in the processes of mining. Yet it has recovered to be a healthy and sustainable water course.”

Standards have slipped during recent years however, Peredur added.

“There have also been several incidents of contamination and fish deaths,” said Peredur.

“Invasive plant species in the riverbed are damaging its fragile ecology. Furthermore, in a recent clear out by Rivers Trust and volunteers some 19 bicycles, tyres and metal objects removed in just a small section of the stream.”

Delyth said: “Run off and debris from building developments causing dark waters are again impacting on the sustainability of the ecology. This waterway is under threat from several environmental issues.”

Peredur added: “We are calling for tougher enforcement against environmental breaches and for stiffer penalties for polluters.”

Local resident Neil Cross, who has been supported by Plaid Cymru councillors in his ward, expressed his frustration with the lack of action.

He said: “Due to the raise of the river, it is eroding underneath our roads here. We are looking to work with the council to rectify that and recently they have identified they cannot rectify that because of Japanese knotweed.

“Everyone blames each other. We have been on to National Resources Wales, we have been on to Caerffili council and the Welsh Government.

“There is total confusion and no one is willing to put their hands up and say “it is our problem.”

“No one is willing to come to the street to say they are going to rectify it.”

If you want to support Plaid Cymru and Peredur, please click this link.

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